A spooky piano story… 👻

A little girl approaches a creepy old house. She clutches her books as she rings the doorbell.   A voice calls “come in!” and the little girl’s hands tremble as she turns the doorknob and goes inside. Inside, it’s a little dark and there’s a musty smell. The little...

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How NOT to Waste Your Money on Piano Lessons

Harsh, right? But it's no secret--the cost of piano lessons can seriously add up. (Less here than at some other places, but still...) You want the benefits of music study for your kid - the increased focus, resilience, and improved academic performance. And you want...

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You can’t talk about music without talking about joy. It’s why we do all this. I’m not just talking about that heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, stomach-leaping joy of really nailing your piece in the big performance…although, I’ll admit, that feels pretty amazing....

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Teacher confession…

I’m going to tell a story that I should proooobably keep to myself. I should pretend to be perfect, I think. (Spoiler alert: I’m not.) But here I go, anyway. Over the last two and a half years, I’ve let my voice get incredibly out of shape. While I was pregnant, I had...

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Scene with a 6 year old

Scene: A 6 year old’s piano lesson.

My student was very resistant to trying something new. She insisted “I just don’t want to do it!” over and over.

I’ve been teaching long enough to know the difference between a badly behaved kid and a kid who’s behaving the way they are because they’re nervous, or afraid they’ll mess up.

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