Never Underestimate Children.

It's one of my most fundamental beliefs: never underestimate children. You'd be amazed what children are capable of when they're given half a chance. The early stages of piano lessons involved a lot of figurative hand-holding. Explaining something in detail... And...

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Music Skills Are Life Skills

You know what's really hard? Perseverance. Making a mistake and trying again. Sticking with something for years instead of moving on to the next thing. Failing over and over, and still keeping the faith that you'll eventually succeed. You know who has a lot of...

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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

"Practice makes perfect," right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. Musicians love to pull this old adage apart. I've heard allll sorts of variations on "practice makes perfect." There's "practice makes permanent." (That is, if you practice mistakes, you'll make those mistakes in...

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A spooky piano story… 👻

A little girl approaches a creepy old house. She clutches her books as she rings the doorbell.   A voice calls “come in!” and the little girl’s hands tremble as she turns the doorknob and goes inside. Inside, it’s a little dark and there’s a musty smell. The little...

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How NOT to Waste Your Money on Piano Lessons

Harsh, right? But it's no secret--the cost of piano lessons can seriously add up. (Less here than at some other places, but still...) You want the benefits of music study for your kid - the increased focus, resilience, and improved academic performance. And you want...

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