Bite-sized inspiration #7:

Music is art. Music is science. Music is math. Music is a language. Music is literature. Music is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

“We had tried lessons with several teachers prior to Melissa, and they were not a good match for our extremely shy daughter.  Melissa was able to quickly read Sarah and determine the best way to teach her, using a variety of techniques and methods.  Melissa had an amazing ability to hone in on areas that were scary for our daughter, such as singing loudly, and minimize their immediate importance in the voice lessons.  What really stood out for us though, was how respectful she was of each of her students (sometimes we observed her during other lessons) and how able she was to individually tailor her lessons to each student’s needs.”

Aubrey S.

mom of Sarah, age 7

​”I always wanted to start singing lessons but I was afraid to do it because I did not like my voice and I have not enough self-confidence. I love my lessons with Melissa, since the first one I took two years ago. Melissa is a wonderful teacher; she is very skilled in vocal technique and at the piano, and has excellent tips, visualization techniques, and exercises to help you to develop your voice. She is also very good to help me to learn and understand music theory. She communicates her knowledge very well. I am learning so much and I love it. She is also very patient and supportive. Melissa is very professional, well organized, always on time. Several times a year, she organizes group classes/small recitals where all her students can present a piece in front of small audience, which helps to work on stage fright and enable us to connect with other students to create a friendly and supportive community. She does more than just teaching music, she communicates her passion for music.”

Brunilde G.

adult student

“My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed singing and piano lessons with Melissa. She is very professional and I give her my highest recommendation!”

Rana K.

mom of Rose, age 6

“I have been studying Voice and Piano with Melissa for two years.  She is an excellent teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of music. She easily identifies the students’ difficulties and gives clear instructions on how to practice. My nine year old brother also takes lessons from her. She knows how to keep the lessons fun and challenging for any age. I have enormous respect for Melissa and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking greater achievement in voice and piano studies. She also holds seasonal recitals for all of her students at her studio which gives the students the opportunity to showcase their talents.”

Luxman M.

age 14

Sometimes when I listen to Mark practicing, I can’t believe I am hearing the same boy play!”

Richard F.

dad of Mark, age 10

“My son has been learning piano from Melissa, at her Silver Spring studio, for a little over 2 years now.  He was five when he started.  Melissa is a great teacher, uses a lot of positive reinforcement with the kids, never losing patience.  She also seems to have a very good perspective of what it is like to teach children.  When they struggle over something, she changes tacks without letting them get frustrated and comes back at it after a while or approaching it in a different way.  She mixes a few minutes of games with her class at times, to reinforce some music concepts while providing a change from sitting at the piano.  She tailors her expectations for each child based on what that family is able and willing to commit towards, in terms of practice.  My son truly enjoys the time he spends there every week and I couldn’t be happier with the education he is getting from her.  I highly recommend her.”

Deepa S.

mom of Arjun, age 7