They’re the most serious voice students.

They’re the ones who have auditions for the school musical.

They’re the ones who have competitions.

They’re the ones who have (*gulp*) college auditions.

Talk. About. Pressure.

And to top it off…teens are also the ones who have APs. IBs.

MOUNTAINS of homework. College applications.

Tech week rehearsal schedules.

Sleep deprivation.


I don’t tout my credentials much, but this is where they matter most.
A student came to me at age 12. She loved music theater, and had an incredible natural talent. And her voice was constantly, CONSTANTLY injured.

She’d been taking lessons at one of those national chains with the splashy marketing and the fancy building. At her initial interview, her mom told me that she just knew it was time to look for an actual legit teacher, with the education and track record to make sure her daughter didn’t permanently damage her voice.

Over the next few years, she learned to sing freely, healthily, and beautifully. She strengthened her music theater belt while also developing a newfound love for classical singing. She healed and remained injury-free.
Another student came to me in 7th grade, with stated goals no loftier than “singing One Direction songs in tune with my friends.” We worked on the things that interested her, learning vocal technique along the way, and as she grew and her interests changed, so did our lessons.

Now, that 7th grader who only wanted to sing One Direction songs for fun is a music theater major, doing shows and taking her singing very seriously. Will every student end up falling in love with music the way she did? Maybe not, but it’s wonderful to have the option.

With the immense pressure that teens are under, they deserve a real teacher who knows her craft.

Nowadays, anyone who’s a good singer can hang out their shingle and say they’re a voice teacher, whether or not they’ve been to college and graduate school to study the voice. The difference between a good singer and a good voice teacher matters most when the students are teens, since that’s when the results of their lessons matter most.

Plus…the rules keep changing! There are voice scientists at universities making new discoveries about the voice every single day. There are things I learned in college and in grad school, and told my students in my first years of teaching, that are now already outdated! The best voice teachers aren’t only the educated ones, they’re also the ones who make continuing education a priority and keep current on the latest research. That’s the kind of teacher your teen deserves. Not just a good singer who doesn’t know exactly how they do it, and not just a voice teacher who hasn’t learned anything new since the 20th century.

So breathe easy!

You can trust that I know how to mentor your teen to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

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